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Originally Posted by eberwolf2k View Post
Heh! folks are cool with just about everything. They've never really cared what I did growing up as long as it wasn't self-destructive. I just wish I wasn't burdening them with being back at their place (pretty damn good low point for me)

.But anyway, for me.....I used to be a punker(and not the hot topic kind) when I was younger in both fashion and mind set, so being called weird for something like cosplaying is pretty great in my eyes.
Don't even trip. Economy sucks. I moved out at 20 and was on top of the world. Then at 24~26 (just left recently) I was back with her. It's pretty standard now I know it still sucks, but lots of people have to deal with it ^^

And ahhh, yes, anything different, especially the punker kind pull a lot of attention from people. Which is fabulous.
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