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Originally Posted by Makira View Post
Hahaha! I knoooooow. The moment I left my job I instantly through some pinks/purples into my hair and it felt great. Just too hard to get away with sometimes. Stupid job requirements.
I guess we're geting off the thread's main topic...but hell it's 3:30am for me..and I can't sleep.

I dunno, jobs I've worked never had real hardcore requirements. I even tried..Ugh! cashier at Kohl's. I was 20, I had the wild color hair, old doc martins from the 90's (good condition too), clip on ties (i can't tie one for the life of me) I was never professional looking or sophisticated enough really but they let it slide due to the head manager...I think he liked my good work ethic. Other emplyoees had some issues here and there but mainly customers for some reason..but it was sometimes funny.....cause little old ladies found it amusing.

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