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Lost at sea...
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On Friday I wore Princess Bubblegum's outfit from the What Was Missing episode (only black PB at the con lol), Saturday I wore Future Twilight Sparkle for the Pony shoot and then slipped into Korra (I know there were a million Korras so here's a pic of me wearing her incomplete at DCC ) and on Sunday I was PB again all day. I think I got the most pictures for PB but I took some pretty nice photos in Korra on Saturday and I cannot for the life of me find the photogs card D: anyone get pics with a guy out in the garage close to the elevator exit on the first floor? The name of the guy or his website would be extremely helpful.
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I am leaning back and running with
it and staring at the stars and I'm
eleven, I'm sixteen, I'm eighteen,
I'm a newborn, I'm everyone
everywhere with you without you
unbound set free in limbo lost at sea.

~Lost at sea, Bryan Lee O'Malley
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