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Actually the Doubletree Hotel # is 416 not 417 :P so 416-244-1711

I called last week, they put me through to the house keeping I have no idea why it felt like I was talking to the lady from Family Guy, she said she would take a look around then call back. She called back shortly after and said she didn't find anything, tho I have a funny reason she doesn't even know what a Nintendo 3DS is...

I will try again right now, do they have a time limit on the things they find?


Called again, talked to the front desk, even after explaining about last week and them sending me through to house keeping they still send me through again... This time the person spoke better English, but they said no 3DS had been returned. She asked the front desk and said no 3DS was there, then asked for my # and said they will call back...


Are you sure it was a 3DS and it was my 3DS? Mine looks something like this:

If it was mine then I'm guessing one of these house keepers have pocketed it or it's lost in the hotel somewhere, either way I'd have to drive there and start an investigation on who worked the front desk, who handed what to who, etc...

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