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Me mum has no respect for anything anime related - she's the kind of person who always tries to weasel in suggestions about droppin' the hobby, she's very "old school" and traditionalist when it comes to having any sort of a pass-time. The idea of spending money on things without "purpose" is foreign and abstract to her. She did take interest in my first cosplay however, which was suffice to say, surprising.

As for my father, he used to be the kind of person who'd say things like cosplay and anime, "doesn't really bother me," but he has actually taken a curiosity in these last few years. When I did my first cosplay (star wars - which he is a fan of), he wouldn't stop coming to see the progress. He borderlined hilarity as he came up when I was just about finished my costume. He stirred up an interesting conversation.

Dad: "You should make me one too"
Me: "Why?"
Dad: "So we can go on the roof on night and have a light saber duel, and I can say 'I am your father'".

I proceeded to literally face palm. He also made a comment about finding a new girlfriend at the con (broke up last September) and said "he's out to find his princess Leia". Again, facepalmed.

Lastly, though not a guardian/parent, my brother also had an interesting comment. Typically, he calls things he finds stupid/lame (in his own eyes) as "gay" - however, after I started progress with my cosplay (especially the mask), he called it "pretty cool". Suffice to say, everyone in the family was shocked hearing that, as a compliment from him is the rarest thing you could possibly come by. I lol'd.
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