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Originally Posted by Quinn The Spazz View Post
Geez, I have a lot of stories...and most of them are about my dad XD

Dad: How's your face? (When my friend was cutting my Hartia wig, she slipped with the scissors and cut me by accident)
Me: I'll live, but Hartia turned out awesome, so it's ok.
Dad: You mean the wig for your Hartia cosplay turned out awesome.
Me: No, I mean Hartia. I do that, refer to the wig by it's character.
Dad:...that's weird.
Me: Actually it's pretty common in the cosplay community.
Dad: Well you're the only one in this house who's a member of the cosplay community, so talk like a normal person.
Me: I can try, but can I still call the imagine blade Leroy?
Dad: Is the character's name Leroy or the sword?
Me: No that character's name is Creed, but I named my sword Leroy.
Dad: That's fine then.
LOL I do the same thing! xD I didn't know anyone else who did though so this is reassuring. When I was packing up for a con this year my mom was asking what I had left and I replied "oh just Inga, my pillow, and..." She then got this really confused look and I had to explain that no I was not taking a person named Inga but my wig.

My mom is really supportive of it and is just happy I'm not out doing drugs all the time. As for my dad he also thinks it's cool but I make sure to approve which pictures he sees. He doesn't need to know of my more revealing cosplays.
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