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Re: Pics/Polaroids
We had an issue with picture printing this year (one of the pre-Masquerade tech issues we had to contend with) and thus the 'polaroids' were actually just printed on paper, not even photo paper, and got sort of mangled during the judging process so we recycled them. You can, however, find the photos taken by Alex Kung in his Facebook gallery. If you want larger res images, you can contact him through Facebook or email him (email me to get his address, I don't want to splash it all over the internet without his permission). He can probably send you one with your entry number as well if you really wanted it.

Re: Awards that weren't picked up
We don't ship ribbons out unless there are extenuating circumstances (too expensive sometimes); we will, however, have them at the Masquerade Office next year and they can be picked up then or, if you're in the GTA, we can make arrangements to meet sometime. I know winners likely want them ASAP, but on Con Sunday we have to clean up the Masq Office and so supplies went back into the AN Storage Locker, for which we do not have a key and thus have to make arrangements with the person who does to let us in. We can try for July as we might be able to pick some up at the Post-Con meeting in a few weeks. If you'd like to meet up or discuss getting your award to you, please email your information (contact info, entry number, entry title, the award you won) to masquerade AT

The same goes for the certificates - our certificate paper is in one of our supply boxes in the storage locker. These are a lot lighter and way less bulky, though, so we don't have issues mailing those out. If you didn't get your certificate and would like it mailed, please email me your contact info, your entry number, and your award.

Your patience is greatly appreciated. And I'm not just sayin' that to be polite. It really is. Especially post-con when we're all in recovery. lol

Just to reiterate: Email is the best way to reach me. I can't check from work, and I don't check every day. Email address is masquerade AT
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