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Originally Posted by 13Diamonds View Post
I know this is a little old but I would like to leave my feedback.

I bought a wig from them last year with no problem, got the wig in like 3 days, and I loved it. The exact color, and the wig is very soft and easy to manage.

Since I was happy with my first purchase, I decided to make another. At first the colors of the wigs from the same color page(raspberry pink) were all different looking. So I asked if the wig was more on the lighter side like one picture they showed, or on the darker side like another picture they showed. They said it was lighter. When it arrived within about 3 days, it was the darker color and I could not use it. The wig was still very soft and didn't tangle much considering it was a 40" which was nice. I was upset and asked them if I could send it back. I paid for shipping back. They then asked me what cosplay I was doing, so I told them and linked them a reference picture. They recommended me a wig saying others used that wig for that cosplay. What confused me was that the link said cherry pink but it was in the same category as the raspberry pink. I told them if it was that color then please send it, and if it only came in the 26" which they replied it only did so I said that's fine I'll deal. So I wait and then get the new wig, but guess what? It's the same fricking color.

I told them how disappointed I was and didn't want to deal with spending more money to send the wig back, so I asked for the partial refund from the price difference. I have yet to hear back from them.

Overall I'm pretty disappointed in how their communication/customer service has gone down the toilet, and how they lied to me about the color. :/

I will order from them again but I will make sure to do research, or ask around on the actual colors of the wigs before I buy, and not even bother to talk to them.
Hi Diamonds,

Thanks for your feedback. Were glad you said something rather than keep it inside. This gives us an opportunity to address your concerns.

If we recall, this is for the Elfen Lied cosplay right? The Raspberry Pink is :very close: in color to the Cherry Pink but they are more subtle differences. I think if you had both together in hand, the differences would be easier to see.

Regarding the refund of the price difference, this was already sent - please check your paypal account.

We are sorry that you had a bad experience in here. Do we make mistakes and sleight people unintentionally..? HECK YEA..! Will we try our best to make things right..? That's a double heck yea.

Perhaps next time you can call the customer service number posted on the top of the website. If you reach us during California business hours, someone will get back to you or respond to your call asap. We can assure you that we would absolutely not deceive you nor anyone else.

Honor, reputation, and reliability means more than anything else to us.

Thanks for still wanting to shop from us. It is safe to try to talk to us again.


Team Epic
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