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Originally Posted by Akune-chan View Post
Yes yes I know.
I just made this thread a while back when it was still kind of still know as NYAF. Got the email about the official merging like three days ago.
Anyways! Please join the FB group if you can! I'll be updating that one more. Often for the area where we should meet up and time

Did you say cameras? :0 that's cool! I hope you do that would be an awesome experience!
That's cool. I follow them on Twitter, so that's how I found out. I'll be joining the Facebook group soon. And yes, I said cameras. My friend has one of those professional video cameras similar to the what the news broadcasting stations have, though it's a much simpler version. I've worked with it at last year's NYCC and a few times other than that event when my friend needed the help. It really is an experience.

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