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Love and Tolerate! My Little Pony 2013

I know it's pretty early, and most won't have decided on cosplays for next year yet, especially since there is a whole new season between now and next AN, but this is just sort of a start to see who, if any, have decided on cosplaying from My Little Pony next year! ^^

For myself, I will be making a human-style Discord (of my own design), which I will be wearing on the Sunday.

So, where all my fellow bronies and pegasisters at? ^w^

Mane Six + Spike
Twilight Sparkle - ShinobiXikyu, pink-lemonade
Applejack - KiraCRISIS
Rainbow Dash - TamsinAndShale's friend (Commander Hurricane)
Rarity - Nightwitch-Kat (maybe)
Fluttershy - TamsinAndShale (Private Pansy), sugarsnowncocoa
Pinkie Pie - The_Freedom_54 (maybe), Rei-Azalia (Cupcakes)
Spike -

Princess Celestia - Nightwitch-Kat (maybe), DreamKitty
Princess Luna -
Priness Cadence - Nightwitch-Kat (maybe), TamsinAndShale, sweet_kat22 (maybe)
Shining Armour - TamsinAndShale's friend
Prince Blueblood -

Cuite Mark Crusaders
Applebloom -
Sweetie Belle -
Scootaloo -

Secondary Characters
Big Macintosh - Midli
Cheerilee - Zafie
Zecora -

Background Ponies
Derpy Hooves - Hideto Koudansh (maybe)
Vinyl Scratch/ DJ PON-3 - RaverBob
Octavia -
Lyra -
Bon Bon -
Colgate -

Nightmare Moon -
Discord - Roxas-13, Rei-Azalia
Queen Chrysalis - Rei-Azalia's friend
Gilda -
Flim and Flam -
Trixie -
Iron Will -

(tentative, subject to change)

Friday: ???

Saturday: 5pm at DT 3

Sunday: 11am at TCC 3
Anime North '15
Genderbent Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist
Unown Gijinka - Pokemon (MAYBE)

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