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Originally Posted by Venciel Links View Post
OMG! xDDD Ahahaha! This made my morning! The finger mustache is a gateway to lesbianism? Gangs of Athiests harassing Christans over Heterosexuality? XDDDD Steampunk involving dildo guns? *Wipes tear* Even tho this is satire, sadly it's probably not far from what some of the fanatics think. I bet those who stumble on this think it's brilliantly true and believe every word.
Yeah I love that website. All it really does is simply carry Christian beliefs to their logical conclusions as they look for Satan in all things.

I too also loved the point about "bronies" leading to beastiality, lol. After all only Satan would tempt young women with My Little Pony and encourage them to fornicate with animals. LOL
People say they like irony, but nobody wants to pay for it.

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