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Superwholocklin Omens 2012~


For those who don't know, this is going to be a shoot for Supernatural, BBC Dr Who, BBC Sherlock, BBC Merlin, and Good Omens~

I'm not sure when and where during afest weekend we want to hold this meetup, but hopefully with a tad more organization and collaboration between my sister (who started the akon shoot) and I, this will run smoothly!

So far I have planned out a shoot to get all of the characters together and taken pictures of, which won't last more that 30 minutes, seeing as we aren't really that big of a group. Afterwards we can play another lively game of SUPERCLUELOCK which is the clue game my other sister and I made for the akon event. It seemed to go over well enough so we plan on completing the integration of new cards etc. When that is done, or perhaps during that time, we can all bring tea and make that. My sister can bring Styrofoam cups and coffee strainers for people with loose leaf tea; all you need to bring is yourself, some tea, and anything you would like to add to that tea (milk, sugar, etc).
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