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Ahahaha, well I was already living by myself when I started cosplaying, but still got interesting reactions . My everyday colthes where lolit for some time then pirate.... my mom didn't like it that much ,mostly because she just didn't find it pretty. But she never complained when I went to Christmas parties wearing pirates clothes and helped me see lolita clothes.

Now, for cosplay, my parents got use to it. My sis is also cosplaying

My mom:
-Was one of the first to comment, all amazed, on the first picture that popped online of my Grell cosplay. Her and one of my aunt, both going all WOOOW
-She's generally impressed by the ammount of effort and imagination we put in it
-She is generally worried by the ammount of money we put in this. XD
-Saw one of my wig on a picture online and immediatly said she wanted to try it XD
-After I complained about how much place mty cosplays were taking in my appartment, she offered to keep them in storage for me in her basement .... *_*

My dad:
-He's generally just impress too. I can spend hours explaining him ALL the details about the costumes and conventions and he will just ... ask some questions.. ahahaah
-My dad look A LOT like Snake in Metal Gear Solid. A bit between Young Snake and Old Snake. When my sis showed him a pic of Snake from the 4 to show him how they were looking alike, he becames all insecure , and said "I don't look that old, no?" Ahahaha, poor daddy
-He also agreed to wear a headband and take the pose just to look more like him on a picture. And told us " If you find me a costume of him, I'll wear it" <3

My boyfriend's parents:
My boyfriend's mom is a gamer. Both are crafters. She like to sew, he like to... generally crafts. They always help us with our cosplay.

When we started to make cosplay with them, we explained how the goal is to look as identical as possible to the character. Now ,when I come back from a convention and show her the pictures, she want to know how the real characters look like to see how identicals the cosplays are XD

When she was playing Ocarina of Time, she also commented how she would LIKE to sew a Sheik cosplay because he/she is awesome.

And when I was showing her my Trinity bnlood artbook... she said she would like to sew a Queen Esther outfit O.O
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