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Originally Posted by darkangel7410 View Post
I'll be attending San Japan this year. Well me and a few friends. I'd be glad to hand at the con. For the time being i'm living in san marcos and i have no way to go anywhere but yeah i'm free on the weekends.
I just drove by San Marcos today! For a bit, I was considering going to the university there, Texas State, but I ended up having to go to Texas A&M instead... a distant alternative. XD You're not that far! I'll have a couple of friends with me at San Japan. They probably won't be dressing up, but I'll be Shana from Shakugan no Shana. Probably the only one there!

Your group, my group, and anyone else's group should all have lunch together, or invade a panel.

No elevator parties, though. Last year was terrible. We couldn't get to our hotel room. T__T
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