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My step-mom has always been less than thrilled about my cosplays (she has the typical, anime-is-for-kids outlook), but she still helps me figure out issues when I screw up while sewing.
My dad on the other hand, is just completely neutral about it...

But the last time he dropped my friend and I off at AnimeUSA, he seemed really interested, and kept asking me to explain who was what character.
("And that character in the skin... suit... thing, what is that?"
"I think it's from Angelic Layer. I read it a while ago. It's by the people who draw really tall skinny characters..."
"Oh! Right! And that one, I recognize that one. That's from that show... with the white haired guy..."
"Soul Eater. Yup. Good job."
"That's a raver."
"Nothing. It's a style."
"Do you wear that?!"
"Yes. Kind of. No. Well, yes.")

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