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1. hi! my name is mary.

2. my general location is the bay area in california.

3. i'm an 18 year old female, majoring in computer engineering at ucsc. i'm kind of shy, so here i go posting on the forums! (not a very active member, but i do lurk most of the time.) once people get to know me better, i am described as fun with a bubbly personality. if you'd like, please message me and get to know me better! i'd be delighted if you did.

4. i enjoy making friends, surfing, sleeping, watching movies, going on walks, animals, anime (of course!), books, and video games. my all-time favorite animes are cowboy bebop, gurren lagan, flcl, and hamtaro (LOL). video games that i think are the bomb are bioshock, metro 2033, etc.; your typical survival horror shooter. some things that do not go on my happy list are close-mindedness, apathy, and a lack of common sense.

5. i am mainly looking for friends who also love to cosplay! it's always fun to cosplay with a bunch of friendly people so that you can just goof around and enjoy yourself. i currently don't have many friends interested in cosplay, so i'd love to make some who do! however, as many have stated, if that friendship develops into something more, so be it!
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