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Someone has told me the parking fee for Anaheim Convention Center is $15 which sounds about right. IF THE LOT IS FULL or if you plan on attending late I SUGGEST you park at the Disneyland Parking center. It is $15 for a regular car BUT if you tell them you are going to the convention they MIGHT lower it to $12 (You will know if there is a sign or cars going in 2 separate directions once entering lot- convention on the right). I'm only saying that based on previous experiences and what they've told me while attending other cons but I never have had to pay because I have a Disneyland pass with parking included. I know that they frequently let conventions use their parking but that may only be the case when they expect a mass amount of people. The parking lot for that area is on the same street Convention Way crossing Harbor except it says Parking on the street sign and it's about a 5 minute straight walk to the convention.

I would still check out the Anaheim Convention Center lot first since I don't know how the traffic will be like on that weekend but it's worth knowing you have options if they close the lots.
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