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Originally Posted by Eleryth View Post
Re: Photo booth in DT upstairs (last year AN - no other year that I can recall)
That was The Enthusiasts (of which Elemental was one), and the reason they were up on the lobby of the Plaza Ballroom of the DT was because they were also the official photographers for the Skit Contest and Masquerade that year. Different arrangements were made this year, partly due to the photo alley in the TCC. This turned out to be a good thing as we were actually short curtains for constructing the green room and therefore wouldn't have been able to block off an appropriately shaped space, as well as having many large costumes that we really needed the space for.

The basement area at the stairwell to go to the second level of the DT - I've heard we don't have access to that because of the businesses located there, so we'd be unable to use that space for a photo pit. The only other large space I can think of, though also really busy, is the 'lobby' where volunteers tables and the like were, near the Japanese restaurant.

We can explore the idea of having a photobooth in the DT, though, and see if anything can be done.
Even just one would be great, I know Strategically it's hard to find a nook of floor space. As the was three at the back (including the snake) when you first enter the TCC and one in the dealers room.

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