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I only went to the dealer's room once, but the one time I went, I was infuriated enough to never go back. I really think it was meant to actually discourage people with complex cosplays from going in at all, because it was just impossible. I flat out said to a staff member it didn't make sense for us to have to go all the way around and through the dealer's room like this, and I'm usually very polite to con staff.

I also don't understand why some vendor's didn't want pictures of their merch. I was trying to show my bf some photography stuff and have him practice on static objects because he's starting out, and takes a while to frame things properly and I didn't want to inconvenience any cosplayers with him taking 15 minutes to shoot (god bless him, lol he's trying!). But we got told no photos at two booths, and I just got really pissed off. Like they think we're going to sell the pictures of their crap. Give me a break.

Also, it was incredibly crowded on Saturday. And the heat didn't help. I was dressed as Radical Edward and I was sweating buckets. It was ridiculous. I didn't even want to move, and oftentimes didn't bother to get up and get shots of cosplayers I liked. They need to have better air conditioning in the Double Tree and the convention Center to relieve those poor cosplayers who are dressed heavily.

Also, I got in twice without having a badge, but another time I had to dig out my pass from my overstuffed bag and was scolded for not having it out. This annoyed me to no end. The door people have to be consistent. If someone's in costume thats either very heavy or very light, assume they have a pass and just don't have it on at the moment for pictures or what have you. It's a real pain in the ass.

Other than that I had fun. lol. But this will probably be my last time at AN.
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