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Seriously I have no idea what to wear to The Hobbit Release here, especially these days we dun get Gala Premiere anymore in Singapore.
Maybe just finish my ALAN LEE Galadriel Outfit (need to do the Cape and get a new Wig) or finally complete my Hobbit Lass Outfit (only done the double skirts years ago but got the cloths for the Chemise & Bodice since ages ago). Or finally do another Arwen Dress, got a good amount of cloths at hand already for her Blood Red Dress.

Will see how as nearer the date as now "busy" doing my Saint Seiya (from 3 of the Series!) costumes till like early November @_@

50 Attack on Titan Cosplans,
a few (Saint Seiya) Episode G: Assassin Casual Outfits,
and a Brand New Star Wars Biker Scout Armor!
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