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Originally Posted by dollylovey123 View Post
I agree. I mean more so on just plan Etiquette. There were many people who did not take to con courtesy. I'm not sure it's because cons are becoming more mainstream or people are becoming rude. I'm happy to see more fans but I'm not happy to see the random people who didn't seem to appreciate anything. I even over heard a few girls complaining about not getting enough attention on their cosplays. What happened to enjoying everyone else's cosplays and having fun in an otaku environment?

Other then that it felt alot like last year and I didn't mind the walking around for the vendors even in my large heels XD.
I totally agree with you. I felt like alot of people complained and I also saw countless of people complaining. I also saw alot of people not cosplaying and acted as if they should deserve to get as many pictures as the professional looking cosplayers. WTF really? Thats just... like why come to a con at all?

I didn't mind the trip around the building but what ticked me off the most. Going to the food court. They made you go all the way around. I honestly did not get that waist of time and energy just go go around when they know you will be back in less then 5 mins.
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