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Possible Photo Order

New Location! Same ol’ Sheraton!

I want to hear people’s thoughts on location and photo order. It was fun to go by systems at A-Kon, and we can do it again if you all like.

Something new we can try:

Odd’s and Evens (group shot for the odd numbers -1,3,5,7,9,11,13 – and group shot for the even numbers -2,4,6,8,10,12,14)

Rivals (Such as love triangles, head on battles. Note: Not meant for everyone vs. Kefka type of fights. More like FF13-2 Lightning vs. Caius or FF7 Aeris vs Tifa vs Cloud vs Zach).

MMO Party (Groups of 6 that mimic the job class parties from early FF games, FF11, and FF14. )

Example: Paladin, Monk, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage, Rangerà Cecil, Tifa, Rikku, Rosa, Vivi, Fran

SMN Burn: Summoner x4, Red Mage, Paladin à Yuna, Rydia, Terra, FF11 SMN, Bartz, Basch.)

Spin-off to the previous idea:

Job Class (A group shot for each class- warriors-thieves-bards-summoners-white mages-etc.)

Rainbow! (Groups of characters with like-minded color scheme).

Battle Royale (Reenact fight poses from the games, or make up some fun ones like Mog vs. all villains).

Evil Shall Rule (Good guys bow down to the bad guys as they pose epicly).

Good Always Wins (Bad guys cower as the good guys beat you up).

Full Group (in order by game).
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