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Possible Locations

Locations: Because weíre a smaller group at AFest, we have more options available.

Please provide feedback/input on where you'd like to go! Most likely we'll meet up on the 1st floor and migrate.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

Sheraton Pool: Pros: Different setup, can easily accommodate our group. Cons: Very little shade from the sun.

2nd Floor, Sheraton Side, next to lobby escalators: If you went to A-Kon 23, itís near the maid cafť. You can see the map below for the location. Pros: Better lighting then the rest of the Sheraton. Cons: Can be difficult to find if youíve never been to the Sheraton.

1st Floor Convention Center: Pros: Weíll get lots of photos and itís easy to find us. Con: The evil lights of the Sheraton making everything yellow!

Park #1-Corner of Live Oak and N Olive (the opposite direction of the Cancer Plaza from the convention floor): Pros: More shade, more trees, more action shots. Cons: Still outside, but not as bad.

N. Dallas High School (abandoned) on Bryan Street-to the North/East of Cancer Plaza: Pros: More shot variety. Cons: Outside and-depending on the time of day, the sun will be on top of us.

Park #2 at Live Oak and N Harwood, South/West of the Convention Center. Pros: Much more space to do stuff. Also a good amount of shade. Cons: A little bit of a walk, not much farther than Park #1, but can be tedious.

Not Suggested:

Skywalk. Reason: If you thought it was bad at A-Kon, come Labor Day with the lack of ventilation itís brutal in there. I donít want to put anyone at risk for heat stroke for a photo shoot.

Time/Day: Saturday at 11am or 2pm. Sunday at 2pm. (Most popular gathering times from past years, so please select a favorite).

Side Note: Iíll be hosting 4 panels at AFest. Should my panel clash with the shoot, I hope to see some of you on the con floor. Iíd hate to change the time at the last minute on my account.

Anyone willing to be a co-host should I be absent?
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