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Originally Posted by Methusalah View Post
I would be more then happy to help you out especially since i will be holding the crossplay panel, wigging out over cosplay wigs panel, and the magic the gathering panel. I wont be doing anything from a particular series but generally give good face and wear interesting things.
Sounds like a nice idea, also definitely shall go see your panel as I mentioned before too, the cross-play one. ;3; because I've wanted to for the longest time.

Originally Posted by moonfall View Post
I don't have enough photos of my cosplays, so I'd like to get a few done. My costumes are also in my signature, though I won't be bringing all of them. Also, I'm working on Grand Galloping Gala Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.
Definitely shoot me a pm then if you need my information, as I'll be free all weekend besides the dating game, and a shoot i'll be participating in with a group of mine. If my costume is done by the con since I sent fabric to my commissioner late

Originally Posted by RainbowSerenity View Post
Could you PM me whatever contact info you need, since I am obviously terrible at checking the forums? ^^;
Will do XD
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