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So I decided I wanted to cosplay the White Mage Clavat from Final fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.
I know it's a small picture but it was the best I could find. I also thought this would be a good starter for craft foam since it will only be 3-5 parts and NOT a full body suit or full body pieces. So far I have read A LOT of threads about how to do leather without actually using real leather. I can't afford real leather and I cannot work with it because I do not know how to. I have never worked with craft foam so I'm new to this and I would like more personal help than looking at a tutorial. The full question(s) is how can I make this easily and how much craft foam would I need for this? and how would I put in the insignias into the craft foam and make it look legitimately nice?
My budget can go from 50$-100$. I am a cheap bastard and I easily admit that because of my father. The materials situation depends because my father may already have a lot of materials I might need for making the armor pieces. I have several large work spaces that would most work perfectly for this. Also with experience with props in general the only prop I have made was a keyblade which turned out very nice for my first time. So I can easily learn if you are willing to teach C:
I am an absolute huge perfectionist so i can do a couple of test runs before actually making a really nice set :D
I hope this detailed explanation works for you and if you need anymore info just say so :3
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