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I guess ill give this a try C:..

~Name: Hayden

~Location: New york


~Things i like: Video games (i love that reactions when a girl beats an guy) some games i like are tekken,Mortal kombat,Marvel vs capcom 1,2,3,Mondern warfare(just got into shooting games,Cosplaying(But of course),Skateboarding,Cooking,Baking,Anime and making people laugh,having fun,traveling to different cons/places

~Self summary: Im a very shy person but once you crack me open i can be tons of fun and loving

~Dislikes: Oh a bunch of things like cocky,annoying people or someone who thinks they are better than you due to more of what they have and you lack.And Someone who tells you about your life when they arent in your shoes XO! it takes alot for me to actually get to the point of hating someone since its a strong word so ill say very displeased lol or really dislikes..

~What im looking for: Freinds/Relationship either is fine i like anyone who likes what i like and even the slight uncommon thing is what help grow better friendships/relationships age doesnt matter to me C: im up for anything~
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