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My mom's response to me wanting to cosplay Sweeney (this was when I first started out)

Me: So, I'm going to NYCC. Gonna cosplay Sweeney Todd.
Mom: Why did you have to choose Sweeney. Do you really have to dress as a middle aged murderer? Why couldn't you have chosen a different character, like that pirate guy Johnny Depp played a while back?

And I'm thinking... ok, so you don't want me to be the best barber in London, you'd rather have me run around dressed as a manipulative man who is always drunk? Alright then. Whatever.

More recently, I went to a friend's house to pick them up and her mom sees me

Friend's parent: Oh, you look so real!
Me: Uhh... thanks?
Friend: She means you look like the real thing
Me: Ohhhhh, well, thank you very much!

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