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I sorry to double post but I'm in a bit of a delema.

I want to buy a bow and carve in the design (heat tool actually) but Merida has a recurve bow and the only ones I found online are thin in the arch were the designs are and I'm afraid of shatter the grain and causing the bow to split as there is a lot of tension one these types of bows. ae8c

I did find this US manufacture but it not accurate to the shape of hers but is much thicker like her's is and can take the scoring. 4.m1438.l2649

I've also design/ordered some royal tartan from Spoonflower. I order three fabric swatches the two cottons and the cotton linen base fabric.

I tired to go as accurate as possible but the dimension of the line are larger and the colours as close as possible. I did this intentionally as Disney is a afraid of copyright infringement and the shade of the tartan vary a bit from the products images to linen seen on the king.

Why make it because I've got a sneaking suspicion that the Parks dress is the one we will see at the end of the movie. Plus I kind of want to make that belt.

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