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Name: Katie,but everyone calls me Kitten.
General Location: Houston,Texas.
Age: 18
Self Summary: I'm a huge geek. From gaming to anime to Steampunk. I love cosplaying,and being at conventions. I'm pretty much always selling in the Artist Alley,I run a small online business that I hope someday will be a brick and mortar store! I just love to have fun,I'm one of those people that can sit in a coffee shop for hours just talking and laughing. ^^
Likes: Video games,Crafting,baking,painting,cosplaying,going to the movies,raves (drug free bruh),go to museums,concerts,reading,watching anime,hugs, and snuggles. xD I'm very open to new things!
Dislikes: Bugs,Humidity.
What I'm looking for: Friend or a relationship :3 (Male or female.)
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