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i had the same problem as most people:
~i hated i had to walked around from the food court just to walk around the building to get to the dealers room and once you entered you could exit back to the dealers room...

~on top of that friday i brought an keyblade and i was denied excess to the dealers room so i just went back into the hotel(?) i think it was XD where the bridge was and stayed there the whole time because i couldnt go back =w=

~i also didnt appreciate the fact that the staff yelled in your face when you tried to enter to exit a certain place i found that stupid that once i left a certain part of the section of the dealers room i could not re-enter and had go around

~Alot of people either bumped into me or hit me with a weapon and didnt say sorry, i tried my best to stay a certain feet away from someone so i wouldnt hit them or bump into them

~i also dreaded the long walk to the other part of the convention i was sooo sore by the end of the night c= i couldnt even make it sunday


~i had fun and enjoyed myself
~i liked what they had in the dealers room and what they were selling
~i loved the area and scenery it was beautiful
~for the most part people were friendly

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