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Thanks so much, you guys! I'm terrified of not finishing my wings/wig in time but I'll just have to make do with what I can accomplish in that time. (I am not good at "making do", though. >_>) The wig dyeing has turned it yellow blonde... not quite the bright powerful yellow... but oh well. :/

It's really weird because I guess something was cached and I didn't see a bunch of posts that just came through now.

Ranma: Thanks for cheering me on and for all the advice Could not have done this without you!

Steffi: Soon enough! Finish your exams and then you'll be able to dedicate all the time you need. The wire is a great idea, good luck with both exams and costume!!

Sui: :OOOOOOO THAT IS TOTALLY THE KIMONO FOR HER. Congratulations on your awesome find!!!

Isisa: .... those corsets... I cannot imagine how much cursing went on. The costumes turned out wonderfully, and how awesome you got to turn a school project into cosplay!

Mirni: Hey, at least your wig is really really yellow, and it looks great. I can't really tell much that it was salvaged!

Inkreader: Love the outfit; I'm starting to like her original uniform more and more the more I see it whereas before I only wanted to do eternal ever And the bootcovers especially seem like they were super hard work -- you did a great job!
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