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Axis Powers Hetalia 2012

Any Hetalia cosplayers going to NYCC? I'll be cosplaying Denmark on Friday, Saturday evening, and Sunday. <3
So if you are cosplaying Hetalia this year at NYCC, feel free to comment! I'd love to meet up with some fellow nations!
**Alright guys, I updated the location and time of the Sunday photoshoot! I believe polkabunny is running a NYCC thread on tumblr called nycchetalia. Also, there a few smaller, informal meet-ups that will just be for hanging out. If you guys want me to add that too, let me know!

Hetalia Meets
APH Friendlies Meet-up
Time: 2 pm
Day: Saturday
Location: The grand stairs on the left of the Special Event Hall (located on the 1st Level of the convention.)
*If group becomes too big, we relocate TOGETHER one floor up and on the side to stay out of traffic*
Facebook event listing for this meet:

*NYCC/NYAF 2012 Hetalia Meetup and Photoshoot
Time: 2 pm
Day: Sunday
Location: Senator Javits's Statue
Facebook event listing for this meet:
Hetalia NYAF/NYCC:

Upcoming Cons:
NYCC 2013 - Dean Winchester, Armin Arlert, Gabriel

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