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Lonely Comiket Go'er looking for people to go with.

I'm visiting Tokyo from the 9th-19th so I'll be going to Comiket for the 3 days and Dance Master 4 on the 18th as well.
You see, I don't have anyone to go with and I don't think my parents are that interested in following me in cosplay through crowded halls ahaha.
So I'm asking any other fellow (Either English or Thai speakers preferably as I don't speak a hint of Japanese -I know brilliant for a japanese con...-), cosplayers/Comiket go'ers if I can.. you know.. group with you so I don't get lost as I heard that it's almost impossible to go everywhere in one day ;u; I would love to meet new people as well!
I'll bribe you with UK.. stuff and Thai stuff ahaha >.> I mean I'll forever be in your debt!

Cosplay wise, I think I'll be doing Military Debut Otoya from Uta no prince sama, Ouroboros!Kotetsu/H-01 from Tiger&Bunny and either Kuroko or Kise from Kuroko's Basketball. I'll be willing to bend cosplay plans so my plans are more like yours >o>... I'm also a photographer so I'd love to take photos as well~
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