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Originally Posted by Prissi View Post
Mirni, thanks!! Haha, at this point, I feel like I've got the costume under control. What I'm freaking out about is the wig right now. I CANNOT get it to stay on my head right, no matter what I do (I've used five billion pins, wig cap, etc etc, and read a bunch of tutorials) and if I can't get it to fit right on my head, I can't get the pigtails adjusted so they sit right and I can't style the wig. So stressed right now... the con's on Saturday. >_____>

The wig has been super epic the source of 70% of my stress on the costume (the other 30% was the collar). X_______x
Oh no, I thought you had plenty of time to finish it! I'm sure you'll work something out. I know this may sound a bit silly and might not work, but have you tried fashion tape? It's skin-friendly and holds things, but if the wig's heavy it might not - but it's worth a try. Another idea would be to get a curved needle, braid your real hair and secure the it in place on top of your head. Put wig cap and wig on, then get a friend to sew the wig into your hair braid so keep it in place. I've seen someone do this and it worked for them. It's worth a shot.
I had trouble with my frist Sailor Moon wig *shudders* I think some people in this thread remembers my ordeal with it back in May 2010 >.>


I'm considering buying my wig for Myu Moon on eBay, but I'm wary. I was going to use the Arda method, but some people have said the wig was too big and the fringe isn't right (I've attempted to cut bangs for another cosplay and they ended up looking choppy, although not bad, but I don't want to risk it with another one). I've seen a particular one I like, but can anyone recommend me a good eBay seller who sells yellow Sailor Moon wigs that they've bought and think look good?
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