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Originally Posted by Prissi View Post
Mirni, thanks!! Haha, at this point, I feel like I've got the costume under control. What I'm freaking out about is the wig right now. I CANNOT get it to stay on my head right, no matter what I do (I've used five billion pins, wig cap, etc etc, and read a bunch of tutorials) and if I can't get it to fit right on my head, I can't get the pigtails adjusted so they sit right and I can't style the wig. So stressed right now... the con's on Saturday. >_____>

The wig has been super epic the source of 70% of my stress on the costume (the other 30% was the collar). X_______x

I live once more guys XD

anyway. i have the same problem with my wigs, i use to cosplay chibi usa.
its really how your hair is placed under the wig, the type of wig cap you have, and how you place the pins~

i have a fish net cap, and usually twist my hair into two pigtails that i wrap around my head. then pin, and place the cap on.
bobbypins placed by the ear adjusters. two right under the sides of the bangs. and two near the middle. then 4 on the back base. two on the sides behind the ears. and then if i'm able to. i'll put a few through the wefting on the wig, straight into my wigcap, and into my hair. just becareful doing it. its easy to pop the wefting on wigs
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