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Originally Posted by Hsien-Ko View Post
Steffi, I used an Arda wig, clip on extensions and Odangos for my princess serenity wig and the only thing that made me go "eh?" was that the Odangos were big. But in the end it worked out fine since it covered the clips of the clip-ons

I won a masquerade ribon with my cosplay ^_^ *super Excited* I was novice =3

But now.. I'm not sure what to cosplay from Sailor Moon.. I'm chubby, so cosplaying a sailor senshi is a no-go for me and my tummy XD
As I said, the bangs aren't right and I don't want to sort them out as I probably won't have much time because I'm taking on commissions in the summer. But I'll think about it. Not a lot of people done the "Arda way" so I can't really get a variety of photos from different people in order to judge whether I'd like to do it or not. I just really dislike working with wigs and I have a budget focused so I can't afford to commission one.


You're not chubby! Besides, one of my favourite Sailor Moon cosplayers is plus-size and she pulls off the fuku's well! She probably used shapers, but she adjusted the skirts and stuff to help compliment her size. I think anyone can pull of a senshi outfit, just use the right materials and adjust where needed. Don't limit your cosplay choices due to size c:
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