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Originally Posted by Suzie Blue View Post
KAS!! 8D I haven't seen you in forever! How've you been?

Grr. I have been so busy/anxious/lazy lately meaning no cosplay progress for me. There's just so much stuff going on right now that it has been hard for me to find the motivation and focus to sew. Everyone else's stuff is looking great, though!
I've been doing pretty good. I sent you a PM to let you know I was back. guess the new interface here is not too helpful letting folks know about messages. :P I had to get into my studies (still am), hopefully getting a job in the field of computer security. All the while focusing my budget on my battlestation.
( and that's the old pic of it ) So in the meantime while I study, I started exercising again, and working on my cosplays too. Perfecting L/B, Sebastian of Kuroshitsuji, Bass ( yes still working on it but there is amazing involved and I cant rush that! ), And a certain wibbly wobbly time-whimey Gallifreyan. Of course these are in no particular order.

And as for giving yourself some motivation to sew, if you are currently in classes, see if you can get away with knitting while listening, I suggest taking picture for note taking, and yes I am being serious. Studies show that keeping your hands busy while in class helps learning. That's why those friends of yours who did nothing but doodle still did well in school. And don't forget cosplay is supposed to be fun!
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