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Originally Posted by N1nja P1rate View Post
Yup, Horitsuba! Shoulda been more specific, thanks! (Wow I should get to sleep I've edited this twice now...)
Althooouuuugh! Just checked with our Kurogane and he won't be able to make it Saturday or Sunday, so we may only be doing it one of the other days. Sorry about that! (Depends on what the rest of my group wants to do, though! The other three of us may still do it Saturday, too. X3)
cool more people!!!! aw wait bummer, do you want me to add your group anyway as possibles? im glad that everyone seems to agree on saturday as the day of choice if noon is the time everyone likes then I'm going to finalize us for noon on saturday outside South hall!!!! LETS GET HYPED EVERYONE!!!
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