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Photos Critique & Comments

Hi, not exactly new to photography but wanted some critique and comments on some cosplay photography I attempted this past weekend at AnimeNext.
I've taken pics at other conventions but nothing too serious since it's usually a crowded mess (NYC Comic Con/anime festival) but animenext was a slightly bit more tame with some quiet spots so I decided to give some photos a more serious go.
The diffused look is intentional and something I did in post. Please tell me what you think.

AnimeNext - Amaimon by Darc G, on Flickr

AnimeNext - Cammy by Darc G, on Flickr

AnimeNext - Nelliel by Darc G, on Flickr

AnimeNext - Yoko & Link by Darc G, on Flickr
5. Had some PS fun with this one, I stumbled upon.

AnimNext by Darc G, on Flickr

The full set from animenext can be found here
Some are serious tries other are just snapshots.

Thanks in advance for the critique and comments. Cosplay Photography is something I think I like and can have fun with and may look into really getting into it.
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