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Originally Posted by robninja View Post
This is awesome! I'm sort of a new cosplayer, but it totally drives me and I feel like I can finally commit to losing weight for something this fun.
Kind of feeling the same way right now Also kind of new to cosplay and so many ideas I want to do but so many I just wouldn't feel comfortable in as I am now! AAAARRRGH!

That's it. I'm signing up for Weight Watchers online. Let's do this:

[b]Current: 256lbs (size 20-22)
Goal: to drop at least 3 dress sizes before the next AN.

And don't talk to me about BMI, I've always been heavier than I look. I think success is measured more in inches than pounds anyway. If I can just get out of plus-size clothing I'll be sooooo happy!
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