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Thanks for the wig-getting on suggestions, Aurora and Steffi! Mine is a pantyhose type cap. I think part of the problem is like what you described, Steffi -- the fact that it's too large. I stuffed it with paper to help hahah. That and I don't think my hair holds anything very well, including curls. They came out within an hour at my wedding and at graduation. >____> I also needed to use my hair as a sort of bun thing to add extra bulk for the wig. I'll try out the pigtails instead to see if that works better though!

Arda is great -- that's the way I'm going -- their customer service is AMAZING and they're really helpful. There IS a way to adjust the size of the wig and there are tutorials out there (look for Envel's -- I'd do that had I more time) and the bangs are easily straightened with a hair straightener (and I'm such a noob at hair... well, I'm a noob to cosplay in general, lol) and with cutting... just cut little by little until you get something that works. Or, take it to a hair stylist and ask them to trim? I think the fiber quality and "ease" of the method makes it worth a try. UNLESS of course you want a bright yellow wig like I did... then don't go Arda... they don't have the pigtail wig in bright yellow and you'll end up sinking 2-3 weeks into RIT dyeing it. >_______>

(that's where all my time went and why I ran out of time. You're right, I otherwise had PLENTY of time. >_<) In retrospect, you might try hot-water straightening the fibers of an Innocent wig from Amphigory and use that as your base instead... I think it already has the straight bangs, and they have it in yellow yellow yellow. I think I might have researched more had I thought about it more than been enamored by Arda's amazing amazing customer service. Yeah, that's how amazing they were, I didn't even think of the other options from a competitor!

I did NOT think about fashion tape... I think I will try that to help hold the sidebangs on. brilliant!!

Hsien: *I* have a tummy. I'm otherwise slender, but I've been asked on more than one occasion by well-meaning patients how many months I am, etc. It also gets much more pronounced after I eat. I can look like probably something like 4-6 months pregnant after a full, full meal. No joke. :P I thought about it for a bit bit then I was like, "no way am I letting something like that come between me and my dream cosplay"

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