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Originally Posted by Amidoji View Post
I made a Serenity wig using Arda materials. I didn't however, use their premade buns. I bought the Chibi in Silver and one clip-on pony tail. The method I used is a bit more advanced than novice, but truth be told it's really not that bad. I followed a Youtube tutorial that can be found here:

The wig I'm wearing as Queen Serenity in my gallery is not the one I made, it's the one my lovely Princess Serenity is wearing. ( )
Again, worried about the wig being too big and I have a really small head, haha ^^;
I've watched that tutorial, it's great, but I hate working with wigs and rather either buy them, or get them commissioned (which might not be an option this time, depends on whether I get a job this summer!)

But thanks for the suggestions!

Good like Prissi with trying things out and can't wait to see the final outcome! c:
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