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Originally Posted by Ryusan777 View Post
cool more people!!!! aw wait bummer, do you want me to add your group anyway as possibles? im glad that everyone seems to agree on saturday as the day of choice if noon is the time everyone likes then I'm going to finalize us for noon on saturday outside South hall!!!! LETS GET HYPED EVERYONE!!!
If you like! If we do, it will be me as Sakura, akumuhana as Syaoran, and Caelwit as Fai!

Originally Posted by Zelinxia View Post
While I'm ecstatic that people are still doing Horitsuba cosplay - I am saddened to hear that. That said, if you three decide to go as the school versions on Saturday, I guess I could fill in as Kurogane and complete the quartet.
That would be wonderful! The only reason we might not is if we do our KHR group that day instead. In any case, hopefully we can at least make it see everyone's costumes even if we don't join in!
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