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Casshern Sins Helmet and Boosters help!

Hey everybody. I'm working on making my first props for a crossplay of Casshern/Casshan from Casshern Sins.

Helmet: I'm starting to make a mock-up from Featherweight's cardboard here, but I'm wondering how to make the crest, and if anyone has suggestion for the mouth plate.
Reference Photo
I'm thinking of making the mouth plate separately, and then using velcro to attach it when needed for photo ops and such.

Boosters: They look like guns, but I need to make the template still. I've heard a lot of people use High Density Polyethylene, but I have yet to find a decent explanation as to the shaping, sanding, painting, etc.

Any help, reference images for the helmets, tutorials I missed, and comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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