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LKD- I love that "Leopard Print Speedo" popped up on the page Kasinator came back on. XDD

Kas- Whoa, that looks...epic! haha I knit in class all through high school, actually, I jut don't know how "actual professors" will feel about me knitting in class... lol I know cosplay is supposed to be fun, but it really stresses me out sometimes! >.< Even if the costume itself isn't bothering me, other parts of my life may stress me out and interfere with my sewing. But OMG, I didn't know you were a Whovian! There are a few of us on this thread. ^.^ I can't wait to see that!

Furie- Your fabric situation is similar to my prom dress situation. It was an ultra-shady Chinese company that gave me a cheap, poor imitation of the dress advertised on their site. They pretty much refused to work with me after I sent them an email about it. It was my fault for not looking up reviews on the site, but meh. I just know that I won't order from China again unless I know for a fact that they are reliable.
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