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Originally Posted by wasabiprodution View Post
first four are amazing with great composition, but try and remember the rule of thirds and youll be better off. the last photo is a bit busy but i love it. great job.

on the fourth you couldve tried and move a bit to get the sword in and not have it cropped.

other than that great lighting!
For the 4th, at the time I had 70-200 on and didn't have room to step back and keep people out the frame, it did annoy me also that I couldn't get the whole sword. I'll really want to try this sometime in a more controlled enviornment one day.

Originally Posted by skuggi View Post
Pretty cool,

with pic 5 I'd have just got everyone to move away from the background and had everyone stand a little more in line to get their full bodies in frame.

pic 3 would be awesome with a second strobe to get the shadows off, or even a simple diffuser just to soften them up a bit. Those hard lines really pop out.
Thanks also!
For 5 I just stumbled on that group posing so I snuck that shot in, so many people vying for their attention I couldn't get them away to do what you suggested because I was kinda thinking the same thing. When/if I get the time I might get down and dirty in PS and see if I can clean up the background or composite them somewhere else.
As for 3, yeah I wish I had a diffuser, all I had was a buddy and my remote trigger so I had him hold the bare speedlight and play lightstand for me in most of these pics. I think I'm going to try bring one of those speedlight softboxes if possible next (and once again get my buddy to play lightstand )
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