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Red face Some critique on a design?

Hey there, I'm new to this whole lolita fashion scene, but I'll be making my own dress over the summer months. Right now I'm in the design process and I need some help.

I have a rough sketch of a dress I would like to make and would like some feedback.

Here is the sketch. The dress itself is in blue, but that doesn't particularly have to be the color. The buttons and ribbon-shown in black-would be a coordinating color to the dress fabric, possibly with a cute pattern.
First off, does it fit the category of lolita? I've spent quite some time reading, looking up references, and basically getting acquainted with the style, but I'm still a bit unsure of whether others would view this design as lolita or not.
And of course your own personal opinion on the dress would be much appreciated. I plan on making several changes before going pattern hunting, so if you have anything to add or something seems wrong, it would be greatly appreciated if you'd let me know.
Also sorry about the sketchiness of the picture I drew it really fast.

Thanks in advance!
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