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Okay, I used to be on this thread a looooong time ago (sometime last year...) and I ended up sort of dropping out randomly. I think I got caught up in school or something, who knows. But I've decided this summer is a good time to get back to things, especially since I ended up putting on a whole bunch of weight, whereas I used to just stay at the same place.


Starting weight: 163lbs
Goal weight 1: 147 by August 23rd (I have a con here)
Goal weight 2: 137 by September 26th (another con around here)
Goal weight 3: 130 by mid-November
Final goal weight: 125 by mid-December

With any luck I'll actually stick with things this time. I'm planning to do a bunch of dance workouts, since I know I enjoy those I also don't intend to be a perfectionist about this goals. I mean if I'm even close I'll be happy--it would make me happy to be back down to 150 by the August date.

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