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The convention this year was great, by far the best year!
One of my complaints is not the fault of anyone, but I went out for Thai food at around 5pm on Saturday, which then had me holed up in the bathroom until 9, then I promptly passed out. So I ended up missing most of Saturday > 3 <
Another complaint, which isn't really the fault of anyone, but the hotel staff at the Embassy, which is the CONVENTION hotel is SO snooty and rude to cosplayers. While waiting in line at check out I heard the clerk apologize to the "normal people" for the "Offensive and Loud group of weirdos that are participating in a Creepy-Fest" DIRECT QUOTE. And once the hotel staff sees that I have a wig or a costume, they just act so condescending to me. I know it's not the conventions fault, but it's still very rude.
The only thing that bugged me this year was the Nazi-Like Weapons check, but I know Mitt Romney is coming to town in two weeks and the place was crawling with Secret Service, and they didn't want anyone to plant anything anywhere, which is understandable. But seriously, yelling at a Finn with an OBVIOUSLY foam tiny sword to get down to weapons check because it's a DANGEROUS weapon????????.... smh
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