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Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
Heyyy, I'll be going to Japan Expo in Paris! Are you going all 4 days?
I might only go one day, but not sure yet!
Hi hi, yup we will be there all 4 days. Can't wait, it's so soon! If you do go and see us, then come and say hi to us, If you want to of course, that would be fun^^

Originally Posted by llewell View Post
There are always a lot of Kuroshitsuji cosplayers in France. I think that you can meet Kuroshitsuji fans during Japan Expo!

About advices, what kind of advices do you need?

Food and water are very expensive inside, you had better take your own sandwiches and water bottle.

If you have to take RER, you should buy all tickets you need in advance (after Japan Expo, there are many many people waiting to buy RER tickets, it's better to buy return ticket in the morning. RER tickets have no hour nor day)

If you need cash, there are ATM. During the morning and the evening, there are often crowded, however during the afternoon it's ok.

Saturday is really crowded, you have to wait all the time. Sunday is less crowded.
Friday is calm. Thursday is calm too but there are less thing to do.

You have other advices on their website : Some advice for a stressless festival!
Thank you for the link. I've spoken to some people so I feel I know enough about the expo now. But I have one question; I found this on their website:
"If you get out, you won’t be allowed to get back in, so make sure you have enough cash before entering the festival!!"
Does that mean that we can't leave the area even if we have a 4 day pass? We can't go to out hotel and come back later...?
Paris Expo 2012: Agni (Kuroshitsuji) 90%

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